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Improvements and Special Purpose

Forklift accessories make forklifts even more versatile. There are several types of forklift accessories that make it possible to use the forklift in a variety of different situations.

Flexilift Australia can provide your company with all the accessories your company could require.

  • Drum Handlers – Transforms a forklift into a vehicle that can carry, lift, rotate, and pour heavy drums.
  • Safety Cages -Allows operators to safely carry out maintenance or stocktaking work from a forklift.
  • Container Ramps -Allows forklift access to load and unload shipping containers.
  • Carpet Pole – Enables forklifts to easily transport carpet rolls via a long pole that inserts through the hollow centre of a carpet roll.
  • Telescopic Forks – Provides the extra support to safely transport large and odd-shaped loads.
  • 180 and 360 degree Rotators – Rotates your load to empty bins, turning stock upside down.
  • Bale Clamps – Clamps pulp and wast paper bales
  • Fork Positioner / Side shift – Allows the operator to position the load without repositioning the forklift and allows the operator to adjust the width of the tines to suit the load without leaving the operators seat.
  • Lifting Jib – Increases the versatility of a forklift truck by allowing you to pick up long, rounded and odd-shaped loads.
  • Load Guard – Protects the forklift operator when the load is higher than the top of the carriage.
  • Hoppers – Converts a forklift truck into a dump hopper
  • Forklift Tines – L-shaped parts that support the material load.
  • Forklift Slippers – Removable tine extensions.
  • Digital and analogue weight scales – Scales fitted to the forklift for the purpose of weighing loads.
  • Fork Spreaders – An attachment to pick up wide loads

It is very important to use the forklift accessories in the manner for which they are intended to avoid costly equipment repairs or serious bodily injury.

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