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Environmental Policy

Taking a responsible approach.

Flexilift Australia advocates for a clean and happy environment. Sustainability and the satisfaction and health of all within the ecosystem are vital.

The above seemingly simple statement recognises the need for industry and the environment to co-exist in a manner which does not prevent benefits accruing to society from technology/industry, and yet which is protective towards the needs of the natural surroundings, which provide vital resources.

As a provider of machinery, namely new forklifts, forklift hire, forklift attachments and more, we recognise that we have the ability to make a positive impact upon the environment.

How will Flexilift Australia meet its stated aims?

  • Foster positive and constructive employer/employee relationships – happy people will take greater effort to do the right thing.
  • Create positive and constructive supplier/customer relationships – happy suppliers will be more likely to listen to us and happy customers will be more likely to support our efforts.
  • Effective disposal of waste products from operations – only licensed operators of forklifts and other machines are used.
  • Promote recycling – We buy recycled products where possible and recycle what we can.
  • Encourage energy efficiencies in power/water consumption.
  • Develop awareness for machinery – namely used and new forklifts – and methods which minimise air/water/noise pollution.
  • Look for environmentally sound designs in the forklifts and forklift attachments and parts we sell.
  • Provide information sources to our staff to be responsible consumers both at work and at home.
  • Support initiatives which benefit the community and the environment jointly.
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership in our industry to provide our peers with a benchmark.
  • Recognise that an effective Environmental Policy is dynamic over time and requires regular review.
  • Ensure that senior management is always in full support of the stated aims and objectives of this Environmental Policy.

Flexilift Australia strives to be a responsible and useful member of the community at large and has always done so since its formation in the late 1980s.

As a growing organisation, we are all too aware that the committed efforts of many people are required for a successful business model which is economically, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable.

We do know that if Flexilift Australia does things right internally, then it is that much easier to do things right externally.

We have no intentions of resting on our environmental laurels and will continue to review and improve our processes to ensure best practice is adhered to.