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What locations does Flexilift service?

Flexilift services all Melbourne metropolitan areas and regional country Victoria. We have provided solutions for companies in Clayton, Dandenong, Moorabbin, Frankston, Caulfield, and numerous other centres in and around Melbourne.

Flexilift also has a national reach servicing major capitals such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and are soon to be expanding our service area to include other major centres such as Perth is now covered, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand. Our Flexi narrow aisle forklifts are available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your warehouse logistics anywhere in Victoria, NSW, Qld, WA or SA.

What are Flexilifts key offerings?

Flexilift Australia is best known as a provider of quality narrow aisle and counterbalance forklifts. Flexilift Australia is the sole Australian distributor for the Flexi range of narrow aisle forklifts. Whether you need Electric, Gas or Diesel forklifts there is a wide range of models to choose from Used Forklifts include: Flexi, Hyundai, Artison, Crown Forklift, Yale, Nissan Forklifts, Nyk, Komatsu, Hyster, Clark, Linde, G Power, Samsung, Daewoo, Toyota Forklifts, Atlet, Mitsubishi, Bt forklift, Heli, Tailift, Manitou, Nichiyu, Caterpillar, Nilsk, Big Joe, Alto, Raymond, Lansing, Cascade, Taylor Dunn, Shinko and Sumi, Lansing Bgnal Mast, Maxx, Baioli, Hubtex, Stackertruck, Sellick, JLG, Snorkel, JCB, Datsun, Hoist, Dalian, Nexen, Euroyen, Navigator, EP Equipment, Yang, Pramac, Palfinger Crayler, Ausa, Venieri, Merlo, Schaffer, Bobcat, Kalmar.

Forklift services such as:

  • Forklift rental and forklift hire including fleet management
  • Forklift servicing
  • Forklift safety checks and Worksafe compliance testing
  • Forklift licence testing
  • Forklift breakdown repair and maintenance
What brands are available at Flexilift?

forklift, Toyota forklift, then check out our used forklifts. We often have second hand forklifts and turret trucks from most well known brands.

What professions and individuals utilise Flexilift services?

Many of the Flexilift forklifts and high density storage trucks are used by warehouse managers, racking specialists and companies building and fitting out new facilities, factories and warehouses. Different situations and materials transport require different types of forklifts. Our expertise in all aspects of forklifts means we can pass on this knowledge to you.

How can Flexilift improve the efficiency of my new warehouse?

Flexilifts Narrow Aisle units can reduce costs by decreasing aisle width allowing a greater density of product in the same area and by performing the same functions as a reach truck, counterbalance forklift and a turret truck thus rationalising equipment requirements. Savings as high as 50% plus can be obtained by combining the above.

What are the most common alterations and variations that are available at Flexilift?

Although Flexilift provides many customised solutions, the most common alterations and variations are:

  • Flame proofed forklifts
  • Forklift cages and safety harnesses
Where can I look at Flexilift Australia’s range of forklifts?

We stock a selection of Hyundai, Sellick and Flexi forklift trucks at our main branch in Dandenong, Victoria.

Our nationwide dealer network can arrange for potential buyers to inspect a new unit at their selected locations.

Where is an Hyundai Truck made?

The Hyundai truck is manufactured in Korea. The components of the Hyundai forklift are sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide.

What sort of motor does an Hyundai Forklift have?

The Hyundai Forklift is equipped with 37kwHMC Beta and Kubota V3300 engines. The engines are environmentally friendly and are manufactured by Hyundai.

Where do I get forklift spare parts?

Flexilift Australia carry an extensive range of forklift spare parts for all forklift equipment supplied by Flexilift. If we don’t have stock of the part you require, our extensive network will source it for you.

What warranty comes with a forklift?

Standard factory warranty on a new forklift is 12 months or 1000 hours. An extended warranty is available up to 4 years or 4000 hours

Do you have an electric forklift model?

Yes. We have electric forklifts available in both our Hyundai, Flexi (Narrow Aisle articulated forklifts) and Artison ranges.Hyundai 3 wheel electric forklifts are available from 1.5 to 2 ton capacity AC power

Hyundai 4 wheel electric forklifts are available are from 1.5 to 5 ton capacity AC power

Artison 4 wheel electric forklifts are available in FB15/18 with 1500/1750 kg capacity

Artison 3 wheel electric forklifts are available in FBT15/18 with 1500/1750 kg capacity

How do I get in contact with Flexilift?

Go to our contact us page and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as practical.

Alternatively, you can call our head office at Dandenong Victoria on 03 9793 6733 or call our national number 1300 55 22 87.

For specific enquiries, you can contact us by email

Sales sales@flexilift.com.au

Service service@flexilift.com.au

Admin admin@flexilift.com.au

Have you got examples of companies who have successfully implemented a flexi warehouse solution?

Australia’s largest paper distribution centre Paperlinx has remodelled its Queensland branch to accommodate the Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulated forklift truck.

Australia’s largest spa manufacturer SCS Industries in Hallam Victoria, has invested in a fleet of Artison forklift trucks for their manufacturing plant.

Please see the articles in our News section.

How does Flexilift assist in providing forklift solutions for Cold storage and forklifts for use in freezers?

Flexilift Australia have available in the range of forklifts, a unit that will work to -30%. And is a fully enclosed unit.

How does Flexilift assist in providing forklift solutions for flameproof forklifts for use in hazardous areas?

Flexilift has a range of Flame proof forklifts

  • Electric flameproofing
  • Diesel flameproofing
  • The unique Flexi narrow aisle forklift is also available in Flameproof configuration.
What types of fuel can be used in your forklifts?

Depending on your requirements, you may find different types of fuel systems offer different advantages. We stock a very wide range of forklifts with different fuel requirements. Our Flexi range

LPG forklifts –

Diesel forklifts – Artison forklifts are compatible with diesel engines

Petrol forklifts – Artison forklifts are compatible with petrol engines

Electric forklifts – Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift and Artison FBT series

What are the strengths and weaknesses of a narrow aisle articulated forklift versus turret truck forklifts?

The Flexi narrow aisle unit can work in both a narrow aisle and conventional warehouse layout with the ability to work inside and out and can also load trucks trucks. The narrow aisle forklift does not require wire guidance and requires half the transfer aisle space of a turret truck.

What are the key specifications of the Sellick unit?

The operator is centrally seated in the Sellick forklift and has access from either side of the machine.The operator has second to none all round visibility, being centrally positioned gives the operator clear vision from all sides.

The Sellick TMF easily mounts on your truck and trailer in a minute and is adaptable to existing truck mounting arrangements.

Automotive style controls ie. Brake, accelerator pedals and separate levers for all hydraulic functions aligns the Sellick with conventional forklift operations. This allows the operator an easy transition from one type of forklift to the other.

How does Flexilift offer the Sellick all terrain forklifts to the clients?

Flexilift distributes the Sellick product throughout Australia and New Zealand.The Sellick is available obviously new but also refurbished and also can be hired on a short or long term basis.

Flexilift offer a repair/breakdown service whereby the operator can drop off their truck mounted machine for repair and pickup a Sellick short term hire unit for a day or longer. How convenient is this offer.

What uses can the Sellick forklift be applied to?

The Sellick is being widely used in timber mills, brick, tile and turf transportation. Poultry transportation. In fact, the Sellick can be utilised wherever a product requires materials handling on site.

If I have an older type truck mounted or ramp mounted forklift, what can the Sellick forklift replace?

If you have top or end mounted forklift, the Sellick performs many, if not all of the same roles and you can upgrade to the Sellick with minimal, if any changes to your road truck.If you have a ramp mounted forklift you want to replace, the Sellick can be supplied with a top loading frame which allows it to load itself on to the deck of the road truck.

Depending on the road truck in use ie. axle configuration etc, the Sellick can be supplied with an end mount assembly which allows no loss of pallet space on the road truck deck.

What can I do if I order the wrong part?

Parts ordered in error must be returned within 30 days of invoice date and a 20% restocking fee will apply. Prior to all shipments authorisation must be obtained. except for specially ordered items.

Can you perform Forklift Repairs in QLD, NSW, Perth or do you only perform Forklift Repairs in Dandenong Victoria?

Flexilift service centres are situated in Dandenong in south east Melbourne, Victoria. Forklift repairs in Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NWS), Perth (WA) and some other parts of Australia can be arranged upon request depending on the requirements and availability of the forklift parts and the type of narrow aisle forklift or request for articulating forklifts service.

Do you do Used Forklifts Sales for Aisle Master Forklift, and do you perform Service and Forklift Repairs for Aislemaster?

Flexilift specialise in forklift sales & service for Flexi, Hyundai, Tailift, and Artison forklifts. Used forklift sales for other brands such Aisle Master forklifts or other manufacturers of narrow aisle articulating forklifts is only done occasionally. When considering a narrow aisle forklift, we can assess your needs and consult you on articulating forklift in terms of Aisle master, but not specifically their units.

Can Flexilift articulating forklift parts be interchangeable and usable for Artison Forklift Repairs or Aisle master service maintenance?

It is generally not recommended under any circumstances to interchange parts from Aislemaster Australia forklifts in a Flexi or other articulating forklifts. Some forklift attachments may be interchangeable on Flexi, Aisle master, but forklift repair and spare parts are not designed for interchange across brands of narrow aisle units.

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