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Proud History in Forklifts Industry

Flexilift Australia Pty Ltd. was established more than 15 years ago. We wanted to provide high quality forklifts, and excellent maintenance and service to the materials handling industry. Since our humble beginning with only two employees, Flexilift has successfully responded proactively to the demands of the market. Although we have grown and diversified, our focus on providing the highest quality products and services has not changed.

Providing quality forklift servicing support is a vitally important part of our business. It is the catalyst that generates our growth. Our main objective is to provide our clients with maximum uptime and the least possible disruption and inconvenience. Having a fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles with expert technicians on-call 24-7 ensures minimal downtime for our clients.

In locations away from the regional centres, we utilise local service providers where possible. After having established their suitability to our requirements, some training and familiarisation in our equipment may follow. It means that we can support and maintain our forklift products wherever we sell it. We currently supply forklift equipment into locations such as Emerald, Mt Isa, Tweed Heads, utilising local facilities for service requirements.

Our forklift mechanics and technicians offer support in the field for our own products as well as those offered by other suppliers.

Flexi – A Revolutionary Forklift For Small Spaces

In 2002, Flexilift acquired the exclusive distribution rights for Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulated forklift sales in Australia, which is now our flagship product. One of the most advanced and innovative forklifts available, the Narrow Aisle’s ability to operate in extremely restricted spaces allows warehouse capacity to be increased up to a massive 30 per cent! The Narrow Aisle’s versatility has empowered many companies to eliminate the need for an additional truck. Instead of a counterbalance forklift outside feeding a reach truck inside, the Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklift efficiently performs both jobs.

Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd are greatly respected as world leaders in shipbuilding, motor vehicle manufacturing, heavy construction equipment and are beginning to lead the way in material handling equipment.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd is dedicated to improve technologies and quality of all their products and support their distributors globally.

Flexilift is also the sole Australian distributor of Artison counterbalance forklift trucks. The Artison series of petrol, diesel and electric forklifts offers long-term, low cost and robust service. It provides reliable operations for both heavy and light use.

In addition to new and used forklift sales, and our comprehensive maintenance services, Flexilift also offers rental and leasing options. Many companies don’t want their capital tied up in equipment, and want someone else to be responsible for managing and maintaining their forklift truck fleet. Flexilift Australia Fleet.

Management offers the full service solution which includes:

Flexilift Australia offers affordable, high quality solutions for just about every issue encountered in materials handling. Contact us to learn how we can help you.