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    Flexilift Australia provides replacement units on a one to one basis without penalty, allowing for customers changing requirements and equipment specifications.


    Flexilift Australia conduct operator training with every new forklift unit purchased or
    forklift leased at no cost to the customer. The induction includes safe operator
    procedures and a detailed report on items to be operator checked daily to
    ensure maximum usage of the equipment.

    • Australia Wide Provider Australia Wide Provider
    • 30 Years Exp 30+ Years Experience
    • Quality Products Quality Products & Services

    Occupational Health & Safety

    Occupation Health & Safety is a joint commitment. As part of this commitment,
    we provide a full assessment of the workplace including:-

    • Workplace layout:- Lift Heights, Turning Radius
    • Product handling:- Dimensions, Weights, Packaging
    • Racking Layout
    • Environmental Issues
    • Equipment Preference

    Quality Assurance

    Procedures of our Fleet Management program are in accordance with ISO 9002
    currently at the auditing stage of approval.

    Leasing And Finance
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